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Up-Cycle your Vessel

I'm too pretty to toss.

For Glass & Ceramic Vessels: Heat oven to 180 degrees. Make a tinfoil bowl and put on a cookie sheet. Turn your candle upside down in the bowl & melt the contents. Carefully remove wick pins (to not scratch the vessel). Wipe out thoroughly with paper towels and wash in warm soapy water.   Another option is the freezer method.  Freeze your vessel for a few hours. Then use a plastic knife and pop out the remaining wax and and pull out the wick tab. Then wash in hot soapy water. If your vessel is smaller at the top than bottom you will need to break the wax gently.

For Concrete Vessels: Freeze your vessel for a couple hours and then your wax should pop out, if not gently pop it out with a butter knife. Let stand to room temp and then wipe remaining wax out with a paper towel.